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DT Professional Suite product details

Products Description
Tax software and description

DT Max T1 with EFILE

All provinces but Quebec

Unlimited Single User

DT Max T1/TP1 with EFILE

All provinces, including Quebec

Unlimited Single User

DT Max T2/CO-17 with EFILE

Limited 10

DT Max T3/TP-646

Limited 5

DT Max T5013

Single User

DT FormMax

Single User

DT Web Builder

Custom firm website

DT Practice

ONVIO Documents and Client Centre

Starter kit includes 3 users

ONVIO Project Manager

ONVIO Time and Billing

Includes 5 users

DT Practice Project Management

DT Practice Staff Management

DT Practice Client Management

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Software for Accounting Firms & Tax Professionals

The DT Professional Suite provides tax and accounting solutions designed to increase your firm’s efficiency and profitability. It’s everything you need to power smoother workflows, make more informed decisions, improve client service and achieve better results.