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DT Professional Suite Price List

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See details about every product below. Payment may be made by cheque or with a major credit card. Once you have a DT licence, you are invited to take advantage of the "My Account" feature of the web site. Call us today at 1 866 653-8629.

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DT Professional Suite product details

Products Description
Tax software and description  

DT Max T1 with EFILE

All provinces but Quebec

Unlimited Single User

DT Max T1/TP1 with EFILE

All provinces, including Quebec

Unlimited Single User
DT Max T2/CO-17 with EFILE Limited 10
DT Max T3/TP-646 Limited 5
DT Max T5013 Single User
DT FormMax Single User
DT Web Builder Custom firm website
DT Practice  
ONVIO Documents and Client Centre Starter kit includes 3 users
ONVIO Project Manager  
ONVIO Time and Billing Includes 5 users
DT Practice Project Management  
DT Practice Staff Management  
DT Practice Client Management  
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